BAC Organic Starter Kit Basic


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Beginner's Kit Organic Basic

Get abundant and tasty crops with this basic organic fattening kit that includes everything you need to harvest, from growth to flowering in the best possible conditions.

This kit includes the 2 basic nutrients to use respectively in growth and flowering, Organic Grow and Organic Bloom. Both products will provide the necessary nutrients for the plants to grow properly.

During flowering, the Organic PK Booster will yield more abundant crops.

AC discourages the use of enzymes with this range of nutrients.

The Organic BAC Starter Kit includes:
     • 250 ml Organic Grow
     • 500 ml Organic Bloom
     • 250 ml Organic PK Booster

Compare with the "BAC Organic Pro Starter Kit"

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BAC Organic Starter Kit Basic

BAC Organic Starter Kit Basic