Osram Nav-T Super 4Y 600w HPS (Son-T Plus)


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Lumen output (approx): 92,000 

- Suitable for up to 12 mature plants.
- Ideal for the flowering cycle.

Osram Sodium lamps have a full spectrum with a large amount of red for good flowering and fruiting. It also has a high lumen output with large amounts of yellow and orange which is where you get most photosynthesis per watt; in other words this is the spectrum of your light your plant uses most efficiently to produce energy through photosynthesis, this accounts for the vigorous growth rates and high yields associated with high levels of sodium light. The lamp is primarily an excellent flowering lamp but also works well on vegetative growth.

Osram bulbs are a spectrum specially designed for flowering.

They are of very good quality and are the cheapest high-end bulbs.

Made in Europe, Osram HPS bulbs have an irreproachable finish.


Very long lifetime
Very high luminous efficiency
Lifetime up to 50% longer than the bulbs of the NAV SUPER 4Y family
Very good maintenance of luminous flux during the lifetime of the lamp
Up to 50% energy savings by replacing inefficient mercury vapor bulbs (HQL)
Optimum energy efficiency on electronic ballasts

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Osram Nav-T Super 4Y 600w HPS (Son-T Plus)

Osram Nav-T Super 4Y 600w HPS (Son-T Plus)