Gavita 600w HPS Enhanced


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The Gavita Enhanced HPS lamps are designed for Gavita Ballast Digistar. The lamp has a reinforced wire frame and a discharge tube that does not resonate at a high frequency.

This Gavita Enhanced HPS lamp works well on a normal Ballast, and on the Gavita Electronic Ballast and possibly on Electronic Ballasts from other brands. This lamp solves problems with HPS lamps which can arise with the Electronic Ballast.

The light spectrum of the lamp is improved and suitable for horticulture.


Brand: Gavita
Type: Enhanced spectrum HPS lamp
Power: 600 Watt
Lumens: 90.000
PPFD (µMol): 1100
Voltage: 230V


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heb op zaterdag bestelling geplaatst en direct betaald en nu vrijdag week later nog niets ontvangen Als ik in Nederland iets bestel 3 dagen later in de bus

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Gavita 600w HPS Enhanced

Gavita 600w HPS Enhanced