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Hy-Pro Hydro A/B Starterpack


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Most soil contains insufficient nutrients and trace elements. Both are very important for plants to reach exuberant grow and flowering. HY-PRO liquid fertilizers are composed in such way that plants under various circumstances, both during the growing and flowering phase, will respond optimally.

Starterspack contains:

HY-PRO Hydro A&B 1 liter
HY-PRO Root Stimulator 25Oml
HY-PRO Spraymix 25Oml
HY-PRO pH-  5OOml

HY-PRO Hydro A & B liquid fertilizer can be given from the beginning of growth, until the end of flowering. For a healthy root system add during the entire life cycle of the plant HY-PRO Root Stimulator.
Use HY-PRO Hydro A&B 2-component fertilizer always in combination, first add component A and stir well, then add component B in the same amount, and again stir well.
Add Hydro A & B to each watering.


  • add water if your EC is too high
  • Hydro A & B can also be used on soil

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Hy-Pro Hydro A/B Starterpack

Hy-Pro Hydro A/B Starterpack