Aptus Indoor Set Pro 6x150ml


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The Aptus Tent Set Pro Fertilizer Kit is perfect for discovering this complete range of concentrated fertilizers without having to resort to large formats, in a quantity sufficient for a 120x240cm test crop.

Enough for 660ltr of water

Composed of:


1 X StartBooster 100ML: Root and Growth Stimulator


1 X Regulator 100ML: Nutrition regulator, anti-stress fortifier for plants


1 X K-Boost 100ML: Powerful maturation stimulator


1 X Top Booster 100ML: Stimulator of flowering and maturation.

1 X P-Boost 100ML: Powerful Phosphorus Stimulator

1 X CaMgBoost 100ML: budding stimulator

Refer to Aptus Pro and Extreme Nutrition Diagrams for use of the products included in this kit.
Due to the high concentrations of these products, the average dosages will be between 1.5 and 5ml for 10 liters.

This set of stimulators and boosters can be used with all types of substrates and all types of liquid base fertilizers.

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Aptus Indoor Set Pro  6x150ml

Aptus Indoor Set Pro 6x150ml