Starlight 2x55w Prima Klima (New Model 2017)


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Armature (ballast) metalic company Prima Klima dedicated to two 55W neons

Prima Klima offers its Turbo Neons that allow plants to have the strength and the perfect light spectrum to ensure cuttings, growth and flowering.

NOTE: The starlight kit has a front panel switch and the width of its mirror is often wider than these Chinese counterparts.

They give off very little heat and must be placed close to the plants (10cm-15cm) without damaging them for maximum efficiency.

This kit Starlight Prima Klima is composed of:

  • Reflector Vega aluminum 97% reflection
  • A 2 X 55W integrated electronic Philips ballast
  • Plug and play system
  • Covered by a metal housing
  • Lumen: 8200 Lumen
  • 2x Growth Nut 55w (included in kit)
  • European Manufacturing (by Prima Klima)

Feature :
Dimensions: 57.5 cm x 38.5cm X 9.5cm
Maximum Power of Ballast: 110 W

If you need the other color spectrums you can use neon lights of Osram 55w Mammoth or on the links below.

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Starlight 2x55w  Prima Klima (New Model 2017)

Starlight 2x55w Prima Klima (New Model 2017)