TCL Turbo Neon 36 Watt Bloom


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This compact fluorescent tube 36W Mammoth provide your plants a red spectral curve (2700K) suitable for flowering

This type of heating little lighting, may be placed envion 10 to 15cm of your plants. The light output of neon is more intense in the center and lower extremities.

This neon 36W work on a ramp adapted to its power and its base 4 pins (2G11). A neon tube needs a few seconds to warm up before they reach full power.

Technical characteristics :

Dimensions: 39.5 x 4.3 x 2.3 cm

Power: 36 W

Color temperature 2700 ° - red

Lumens: 2400

Lifetime: 10,000 hours

When to change its neon tubes:

  • Their life span is about 10,000 hours, they are not as effective when they reach 70% of their lives.
  • The tube was darkened (appearance of black spot), and thus the light intensity decreases (increases energy consumption).
  • The tube flashing, attention to a short circuit

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TCL Turbo Neon 36 Watt Bloom

TCL Turbo Neon 36 Watt Bloom