Zerum Spray Mentol 100ml


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ZERUM SPRAY presents in its exclusive formulation, a powerful odor neutralizing agent.

Liquid deodorant and odor neutralizer for domestic use.

Suitable for use in: Automobiles - Caravans and Caravans - Curtains and armchairs.

Directions for use: Place the sprayer in an upright position, taking care not to direct it to the eyes.
Uses advised against: Loses a lot of efficiency in very open environments. Keep away from children. Prevent ingestion.

Contains: Emulsifier - Characteristic Fragrance - Odor Neutralizer - Thinner.

The product is nontoxic and environmentally friendly, which allows safe use in different types of environments and situations, in the presence of people, animals or plants.

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Zerum Spray Mentol 100ml

Zerum Spray Mentol 100ml