Gavita M110 DE SR (Small Room)


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Gavita M 110 DE SR     (NEW)

  • Replacement reflector for Gavita Pro line 
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Medium spread for optimal uniformity in small rooms (110° beam angle)
  • Suitable for double ended
    750-1000W HPS
  • Most suitable for single plans
  • Designed for uniformity and deep crop penetration in 1 or 2 fixture configurations

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One fixture optimal room size:
1,1 m/3.61 ft x 1,8 m/5.91 ft (Mammoth G1 tent)
Two fixtures optimal room size:
1,8 m/5.91 ft x  2.2 m/7.22 ft (Mammoth G2 tent)

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Gavita M110 DE SR (Small Room)

Gavita M110 DE SR (Small Room)