Yuccah 500 ml BAC

Yuccah 500 ml BAC
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Yuccah Soil Enhancer and Humidifier

If your soil is too dry and does not contain enough nutrients to grow a good quality crop, then Yuccah could be a perfect remedy. Yuccah is a natural moisturizer and soil enhancer based on Yuccah Schidigera extract.

The use of Yuccah has the following advantages:

    Better absorption of water
    Better distribution of water and fertilizers
    Increased growth of beneficial soil bacteria
    Reduced surface tension
    Better survival of plants in extreme heat and drought, without risk of burning leaves.
    Better protection against excessive salinity levels.

In addition, Yuccah gives your plants a better appearance, with a beautiful shine of leaves, while repelling harmful insects.


Watering: From 10 to 20ml for 10ltr 1 x week

Spray: 50ml for 10ltr

BAC YUCCAH can be mixed with other liquid fertilizers or pesticides. During mixing, foam can form, the foam will dissolve automatically after a while.

Usable for all types of substrates.

Shake well before use.

Yuccah BAC is a humectant / soil enhancer based on yuccah extract (Schidigera). Yuccah reduces the surface tension of liquids and promotes the efficient use of water.

Yuccah improves the properties of water permeability during drought. YUCAH BAC helps plants survive extreme heat, drought and soil salinity. Natural sugars stimulate the growth of beneficial soil bacteria. The application of this product ensures a beautiful gloss and fast drying of the sheet. The plant is less attractive to pests through the use of BAC Yuccah.

Applicable under hot and sunny conditions.

Reduces soil compaction

Improves the absorption of water in case of drought.

Ensures a good distribution of water and fertilizers.

Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil.

No risk of burning leaves.