Greenbat, 100% organic fertilizer, mixed Guano from bats (frugivores and insectivores), blood and horn flour or bovid hoof, rich in NPK (7-6-3) perfect for quick and easy use.

The bat guano is known as the best organic fertilizer known so far thanks to its richness in organic matter, the presence of microelements, and its balance in NPK, Greenbat will allow your plants to develop properly and deliver its full potential.

Blood meal known for its richness in nitrogen, excellent for the development of stems and leaves which will bring you a lush and healthy garden.

Horn or hoof flour, known for its richness in nitrogen, a phosphate and potassium contribution, for a long lasting action.

Granular form for a long-term need and for a long-term diffusion ideal for a background or surface mixture, the diffusion will be done at each watering.


Powder form for rapid diffusion by whipping on the surface by scratching, diluted in irrigation water, or with the appropriate amount at the bottom for long-term diffusion.

How to use Greenbat, Use the same dosages for the granule or powder.

Take poorly enriched potting soil, like mixed light, mix 2 kg of Greenbat for 50 L of potting soil for gourmet plants Adapt according to the type of plant

If you do not have room to mix your potting soil and Greenbat, make layers directly in the pot and mix by hand, in the example a 15 L pot or 600 g / Pot

You just have to repot your plants that are ready to grow and water. Be careful when watering, your plants may require more water

Greenbat allows natural development of plants at the roots, stems and leaves, so that they are healthy and prepare for flowering generous, with tasty fruit.

Result after 2 weeks from seed.

Outdoors result after 1 month. Formation of a solid trunk, sign that the plant will be massive and generous, and this in an organic way


You will find more information on the dosages for vegetable crops, and fruit trees on

Greenbat is a universal organic fertilizer, the risks of burns are reduced but excessive use is not advised.A good gardener must adapt to plants, the environment, and the reaction of his garden and act in line with it.

We believe in responsible and organic farming for the well being of our planet but also of our health.

In order to have you test the product, we offer throughout the month of July and August the 1kg bucket of powder at the exceptional price of 10.90 € !!!

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