In the case of a plant grown in conventional plastic pot, the roots wrap inside the plastic pot. The roots become excessively long because the plant continues its search for new areas of substrates fertile rather than developing branches. The roots will come even exceed holes below the plastic pots. They will continue to develop below these, unless they be controlled thanks to the open air.

Root system of plants grown in traditional plastic pot:

Air pruning takes place naturally when the tip of the roots come in contact with the air. Rather than continue to spread, the tip of the root dies, and develop more roots to create a fibrous mass. Instead of a few large and long roots in the manner of spaghetti, plants having seen their root system controlled in the air contact develop a root consisting of a multitude of small roots wandering around in all the culture medium. By encouraging a dense root mass, in a substrate oxygen and well drained, your plants can assimilate more nutritional solutions and you won't have to worry about the rotting of the roots. Will also result in a better more robust plant growth, and the purpose will be more big crops at the end.

Air pruning with Eazy block & Eazy Pyramide :

Air pruning with smart pot :

Air pruning advantage:

-Protects and naturally improves the root system of the plant, stimulates growth and improves the formatting of the visible part of the plant.

-Pruning of roots in contact with the air, preventing the encirclement of the roots as in a classic plastic pot.

-The background and the porous walls ensures perfect drainage of the pyramid or content substrate in the geotextile pot.

-Helps maintain temperature conditions optimum for the root system of the plant.

-insurance for the roots of a free access to oxygen, leading to a root system well developed, which in turn allows the plant to reach its full potential.

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