MABO Fire Auto Extinguisher 1kg

MABO Fire Auto Extinguisher 1kg
  • MABO Fire Auto Extinguisher 1kg
  • MABO Fire Auto Extinguisher 1kg
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MABO is an automatic fire fighting product which extinguishes the fire by the dispersion of a glass ampoule containing a chemical solution which remains on the burning surface as a coating that will prevent reignition.

MABO fire killer is absolutely the most effective system for fire extinguishing with a unique formula of solution contained in the ampoule of only 580 ml.

Basic use–indoor  (closed spaces)

  • extinguishes fire instantaneously and completely
  • prevents reignition


  • for toxicity and environmental impacts by the EU-accredited laboratories, in accordance with strict and relevant standards that apply on all markets
  • harmless for people and environment – environment-friendly (no pollution or negative effects on the environment, people, animals, soil and plants)
  • rapid, fully biodegradable and free of residue
  • does not contain bromine or chlorine
  • and therefore it has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).


  • Class A Fire including flammable solids such as wood, cloth, rubber, paper and some types of plastic.
  • Class B Fire including flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, etc.
  • Class E Fire including any of the materials found in Class A and B fires, but with the introduction of an electrical appliance, wiring, or other electrically energized objects in the vicinity of the fire, with a resultant electrical shock risk if a conductive agent is used to control the fire.
  • Class F (K – in USA) Fire including cooking oil and fat, such as olive oil, maize oil, sunflower oil, lard and butter.


  • Operating temperature range: -25°C to +70°C
  • Automatic extinguishing

When a fire breaks out, the solution in ampoule reacts to the heat and when the solution reaches the temperature of 84°C, the ampoule automatically bursts open and the dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire.

Automatic activation mechanism

As the temperature rises, the Mabo solution starts to dissolve and generates gas within the ampoule.
MABO activates when the built up pressure and temperature of Mabo solution within the ampoule reach a certain point.
The ampoule ruptures and the Mabo solution is dispersed over the burning surface


is an excellent option to protect high-value property such as:

  • small ships (fishing boat or pleasure type), passenger boats, yachts   (engine rooms, fuel storage)
  • distribution equipment (boiling rooms, oil transformers)
  • process control and computer rooms
  • telecommunication facilities and miscellaneous electrical equipment
  • trains (locomotives) factories, laboratories
  • museums, archives, library, churches…
  • homes, hotels (kitchen…


While extinguishing a fire the follovving effects occur:

  • Quick and strong cooling effect

When heated MAbo solution produces gases by thermal decomposition, the strong cooling effect of  the gases helps to extinguish the combustibles which have exceeded their ignition point.

  • Suffocation

Non-flammable gas produced by thermal decomposition cuts off oxygen from the combustibles (replacement of air with water vapour generated in a large quantity and absorption of radiation heat).

  • Negative catalytic effect

The gas produced under thermal decomposition has negative catalytic action and prevents combustion chain reaction.

  • Evaporation control

Water membrane produced by the foam drainage quickly spreads over the surface and controls the evaporation of combustible gas which shows cooling and suffocation effects of the foam.

  • Fire retardant effect

When heated Mabo solution dissolves and forms a glass-like coating on the surface of combustibles which cuts off the oxygen, not only does it prevent the transmission of radiant heat, but it also prevents the dehydration caused by the solution produced under high temperature, creating a fire retarding effect to prevent the reignition of the combustibles.
Highly economical product

  • without side effects after activation and extinguishing, that means
  • no residue that can cause costly post- fire cleanup and downtime
  • simply to mount (on a wall or ceiling)
  • it does not require any technical knowledge
  • maintenance free – by eye control only
  • over 10 years of shelf life
  • fully replace sprinklers – overall installation cost is 1/14 compared to   water sprinkles system
  • small size and light weight (88 x 307 x 61 mm /1,025g / 580 ml)

MABO is an automatic fire extinguisher, which integrates the state-of-the-art technology and a special know-how, putting the fire out unmanned, by dispersion of a glass ampoule containing chemical solution.

  • MABO is absolutely the most effective system that extinguishes a fire with a unique formula of the solution contained in the ampoule of only 580cc
  • MABO is an ecological product, harmless for humans, animals and environment
    tested and approved -meets the requirements and criteria of the CE 67/548/EEC
  • Basic use in closed space instantaneously extinguishes initial fire -that is the most important in firefighting
  • Designed for class of fires
    A , B: 12-16 m 3 (in closed areas)
    energized electric equipment
  • Operating temperature range  from – 25°C to +70°C.
  • Several usage methods for extinguishing a fire:
  • Automatic extinguishing
    when fire breaks out the solution in ampoule reacts to the heat and when solutions reaches temperature of 84°C the ampoule bursts open while a dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire.
  • Throwing the ampoule . The ampoule should be thrown against a wall or at anything that would enable the liquid to disperse over the burning area to the greatest possible extent.


  • While extinguishing a fire the following effects occur:
    – cooling, suffocation, negative catalytic effect
    – evaporation control and fire retardant effect ( preventing   re-ignition ).
  • Highly economic product
  • Without side effects after activation and extinguishing
  • Simply to mount (on a wall or ceiling)
  • Doesn’t require any technical knowledge to mount and use
  • Maintenance free
  • Over 5 years of shelf life
  • Small size and Light weight 580 ml
  • Fully replace sprinklers at the 8-10 times lower price
  • MABO for all three fire classes A, B or F can be extinguishe

Usage in:

  • Maritime industry and transportation
    –  passenger ships, yachts, tankers, ferry boats (engine rooms, passenger  cabins)
  • Airports, trains, etc.
  • Factories .
  • – boiling rooms, power administration (oil transformers – control rooms – electric  equipment  – telecommunication equipment and devices
  • Protection of
  • – household, business premises, hotels, restaurants, shops, camps – hospitals, schools, museums, libraries, mosques , etc.)

MABO will kill fire at places that are not attended and abandoned, without water damage, extreme good for energized electro-mechanical or telecommunication equipment.
Download MABO Safety Data Sheet

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