Liste des produits de la marque Prima Klima

Founded in 1995 in Bretten (Germany), Prima Klima Trading CZ s.r.o., is a Czech based manufacturer of ventilation and air filtration, lightening products and Activated carbon air filters for a wide range of industry sectors.

Our team

Now with around 50 employees based 20km from the well-known city of Pilsen, exports quality products to more than 20 countries, including all European Union Countries, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, USA among others. Prima Klima is a manufacturer and distributor only business, selling our products exclusively through our authorized dealer partners, being also a distributor of Venture Lightening Products and Systemair Ventilation systems.

Prima Klima Azerwing PVD 95%

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Prima Klima Reflecteur Road Runner

Longueur: 500 mm
Largeur: 420 mm
Hauteur: 130 mm
Max.: 600W / 110V
Douille: E40
Poids:  1,15 kg

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